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12. května 2007 v 21:22 | simpleplanmarrky |  Pierre myspace
Thursday, February 01, 2007
Word up suckas!!!!

just kidding.... i thought that might be funny. I guess not. Sorry.

Believe it or not I went to the Justin Timberlake show in Montreal last night. I gotta say.... the guy has got some MOVES!!!! Wow... i've always kinda liked his music (since he went solo of course....) but after seeing him perform live I must say I really respect him as an artist and performer. He sang throughout the whole show (over 2 hours, no lip synching no tracks all live band) and sounded incredible. I dont know how he manages to do it, but he actually makes choreographed dancing look cool. Now that's tough!!! It was actually his birthday too and that was cool. So props to JT yo... if his tour stops in your town its worth it.

I woke up late today and worked on some lyrics for a song thats almost finished thats called "time to say goodbye". You can imagine what its about. i kinda hit a wall and i dont know how to finish it but hey, i'm sure some genius idea will pop in my head and all will be saved... ha.

so that is all. I just wanted to give a shout out to JT for a great show. Hope you guys are doing well.


p.s. oh i almost forgot... can i ask you guys a favor?? To all of you who are kind enough to leave comments on my page(thank you) can you limit the comment to 1 or 2 maybe??? Some of you have been swarming it quite a bit... please leave the chance to others also. Thanks!!!

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