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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
HEY!!!! long time no speaky!!!
Hey whats up everyone???

long time no blog!!! Sorry about that... ive been really busy and my laptop kind of crashed on me so i had to send it to the geniuses at the apple store to fix it and it took forever!!! bummer...

anyways... we've been doing some amazing work on some new songs and wow.... its going better and better every day. We're starting some recording sessions with some producer next week and wish i could tell you more but i dont wanna ruin the surprise. We're definitely trying some different approaches and ideas to make this next record amazing(hopefully.... hehehe). we have so many different songs it think its gonna be fun to play them live. We just finished 2 really beautiful slower songs. The lyrics are really good, im happy about how they turned out. We also have been experimenting with more piano lately and its coming out beautifully. There is just something about the piano that is so timeless and classic. i wish i could just post up some demos but you know how that goes.... Next thing you know they'll be all over the internet!!!! lol

anyways, sorry for being absent for a while... im back in the groove now!!! I'll update you guys with a vlog real soon.

In the meantime, thanks for all the comments and i'll talk to you soon!!



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