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12. května 2007 v 21:19 | simpleplanmarrky |  Pierre myspace
Saturday, February 17, 2007

what's going on??
hey people.

I'm watching tv on a friday night and figured hey, might as well catch up on the blogging right??

It's been a few days... i'm actually not in montreal anymore. I've decided to make a change of setting to help out with the inspiration and quite honestly i was getting a little sick of the daily -20 degrees celcius climat... hehehe (desole pour tous ceux qui doivent y rester.....)

So i am now in a secret location as I pursue working on the record!! How mysterious...

I hope all you guys are doin well. Im doing good, cant complain. We're still working on the new role model line coming out soon. We've finished all the shirts and they look dope. Way cooler than any other RM shirts we've done.

On another note, i picked up the new FOB record and i gotta say its quite good. Its definitely my favorite one of their albums. check it out.

So thats all for now... sorry no vlog today.

thanks again for all the comments.... i see that most of you now respect the "no flodding" rule... thank you!!!

i hope you all have a good weekend.

Peace out


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