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12. května 2007 v 21:17 | simpleplanmarrky |  Pierre myspace
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Bonjour tout le monde!!!!

Whats up with you? Im good. Real good. I got some big news for you guys... As you know we've been writing and writing and writing.... Well tomorrow we're heading to miami to work with some some producer(which i cant reveal the identity yet) to record a new song that is gonna be crazy!!!

All i can tell you is thats its something totally different that we're trying out. You know we figured this is our 3rd album now and we needed to try stuff... just for ourselves, to keep it fresh and fun. Honestly i dont really know how its gonna turn out but i have really good feeling!

And dont worry its not like we're pulling at complete 180 on you guys. We have tons of songs that are similar to all our old stuff that for sure you're all gonna love. We just wanted to make something a little different... something cool(hopefully).

aight well i gotta run and pack for the morning.

talk to ya later.


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